We are committed to empowering sustainable innovation. We strive to make a meaningful impact by investing in companies and projects that align with our vision.  


Our main focus is to participate in companies and projects that align with the company's sustainable vision. These are often companies that produce sustainable energy, develop innovative sustainable products and services, or contribute to reducing CO2 emissions.


By investing directly in these companies and projects, MKC Invest can actively contribute to the further development and growth of sustainable initiatives.

Other investments

In addition to our direct investments in sustainable companies and projects, we also support our vision by investing in larger companies that align with our sustainability goals and vision. This includes investing in stocks of companies that prioritize sustainability or ETFs that focus on sustainable companies and projects.

While these investments allow us to benefit from the growth of sustainable initiatives, our influence on the further development of these projects may be more limited. Nonetheless, we believe that these investments can still contribute to a more sustainable future.


We believe in the importance of sustainability and making impact within our reach, we also recognize the value of financial returns. We aim to achieve both by investing in companies and projects that are not only environmentally and socially responsible but also financially viable. In our eyes this is the key to a big transition.